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A Birth Education Course Where You Learn to Have a

Confident & Powerful Birth

AND Life

Why prepare for just one day when you an also prepare for the rest of your life?
Simple Step by Step Instruction
Tools you can use right away
A Community of Support

Do you need help

gaining confidence and peace of mind?

  • Do you worry about how your birth is going to go and if you'll be able to cope?

  • Do you worry about life after you have the baby?

  • Do you sometimes feel anxious, worried, and stressed and worry it will get worse when you are a new parent?

  • Feel overwhelmed by the unknown of it all?

  • Do you have a sense that there must be a better way to birth?

  • Want to love your birth experience and be free from anxiety?

  • Would you like to feel prepared for birth and for life after?

The Future You

Julie, Unmedicated Birth

The class brought me much more than what I expected, including a lot of peace around my pregnancy, a new frame of mind around childbirth in general and the confidence to have a natural birth.

Marnie, Unmedicated Birth

My labor was both wonderful and intense and I feel very proud of myself. Without all the preparation from the class it would’ve been a very different experience.

Cara, C-Section 

The classes helped ease my pregnancy anxiety by helping build trust in my own body and what it was capable of. 

Birth Evolved

Confident in your abilities to birth and become a parent

Be a master of your mind

Feel Powerful Beyond Measure

Help create a bright future of consciously born and raised children.

What will your birth & life feel like without?



Unnecessary interventions?

Birth is the essence of life and new beginnings - and not just for baby, but for you too.


You Deserve This




Fertility, Birth & Anxiety

Learn how to get freedom from Anxiety and start enjoying life and your birth!

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Banish Anxiety


What Makes Birth Evolved so Different?

 Birth Evolved is the only  transformational birth preperation course designed to give you the tools to birth better and live better. Most classes teach you how to birth, but then you are left feeling lost after the birth. One of the biggest tranisitons a person can make is becoming a parent. Birth Evolved prepares you for birth and beyond.

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What Will You Learn?

Class #1

Module 1: How we got here: The History of Birth

Module 2: The Mind-Body Connection: The Mind


Class #2

Module 3: The Mind-Body Connection: Your Birthing Body

Module 4: Your Birth & Beyond Toolkit (mind & body (breathing, visualizations, affirmations, sounding, movement,etc)


Module 5: Pre & Post Birth Bonding

Module 6: The Partner's Module - Support Masterclass


Module 7: Communicating Masterclass - With your birth team and beyond

Module 8: Removing Barriers. Fear Release and letting go of what's holding you back


Module 9: Birthing Day Rehearsal

Module 10: The Fourth Trimester & Beyond

Bonus Online Module: Introducing the Sibling

Bonus eBook: Happy, Healthy Pregnancy Meal Plan from a Holistic Register Dietician, Kate Haisch

"Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life."

Ina May Gaskin


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